The Research Centre of the 50PLUS Party in the Netherlands offers a platform for academics who deal with themes that are important to the elderly in the Netherlands and Europe. This is achieved through providing research assignments, organizing symposia and courses, and producing study materials.
The Research Centre of the 50PLUS Party is an independent institute which focuses on supporting the political and ideological debate. Our current priorities are subjects which are important to the daily lives of the elderly: pensions, health care, the job market and purchasing power. Furthermore, there is an interest in exploring the legal and practical aspects of the self-determined end of life. The Research Centre of the 50PLUS Party has previously conducted research on the financial situation of people aged 50 and over on the job market and on changes in the health care system.



The Job Market

The Dutch government has set goals in order to improve the competitiveness of the economy, the education level of the working population and equal opportunities in labour participation. The government strives towards labour participation of eighty percent among the working population aged between 20 and 65.
Although this is the aim of the government, it is difficult for older people to compete in the job market: they are often regarded as too expensive and not sufficiently productive. The Research Centre of the 50PLUS Party is committed to show that many older workers are not only economically viable, but also improve productivity through their knowledge, experience and ambition to succeed.

Purchasing Power

For the political party 50PLUS it is very important to have an in-depth appreciation of the financial situation of the elderly. In September 2014 the Dutch National Institute for Family Finance Information (NIBUD) has calculated, based on their economic models, the purchasing power of those aged 65 and over. This is a varied group of people. Policy measures affect every person aged 65 and over in a different way, depending upon, among other aspects, the health situation, the use of services and the age category.

In late 2014, the government announced several new policies which would impact the financial position of many people aged 65 and over. The Research Centre of the 50PLUS Party is currently conducting research into the consequences of these policies on those aged 65 and over.

Health Care

The Dutch health care system is a complex one: it is an interplay of complicated legislation, regulation and funding models. The health care costs in the Netherlands have risen from 47 billion euros in 2000 to almost 93 billion euros in 2012. That is 5500 euros per inhabitant of the Netherlands. This is why the current government is aiming for far-reaching reforms.
The Research Centre of the 50PLUS Party keeps a close eye on developments in health care policy, availability and costs as these are of great importance to the elderly.



In its activities, the Research Centre adheres to the Declaration of Principles of the 50PLUS Party. This document was drawn up in order to summarize the party’s ideals concisely. The declaration of principles deals with the following points:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • View of humanity
  • International responsibility
  • Europe
  • International development cooperation

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